Quarantine Tour TShirts

Quarantine Tour TShirts



Since many events and social gatherings have been cancelled due to COVID, the Battle River Pipes and Drums decided to bring some entertainment to their respective communities by playing outside of hospitals, lodges, and long term care facilities. What started out as a one time gesture, turned into a bi-weekly tour!


The designs are as featured with respect to the color of shirts they correspond with. i.e. the piper in front of the bass drum will be on a grey shirt and the marching band members will be on a black shirt. Both designs are available in mens and womens styles. 


Proceeds from the tshirts will go towards the Battle River Pipes and Drums, such as their instruments and outfits. Please expect approximately 2 weeks for delivery. 

As a small and local nonprofit organization, we will not be offering a return policy.

Instead, we want to make sure that we get the order right the first time!

In order to do this, we welcome you to email us any and all inquiries that you have about a product. We will be happy to provide you with measurements, fabric type, and any other information that you are looking for. If possible for you, we would also be happy to have you come by our shop in person to look at the products first hand!