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Our Battle River Pipes and Drums Band was founded in November 2018. We currently have 18+ band members, with bagpipes, snare drum, tenor drum, and bass drum.




As active community members, we love to partake in community parades, such as Canada Day, Rodeos, and other annual town parades! 


Practice makes perfect! Every opportunity for us to perform is a chance to show off our new skills and master our instruments. Whether it be playing Amazing Grace at Remembrance Day or performing at a St. Paddy's pub crawl, our skilled band members are proud to contribute with their instruments. We are also available for hire as a band or individual musicians.


We are passionate about sharing our Scottish culture and heritage with the community! We love to do cultural seminars where we teach about Scottish history, tartans, and of course, band instruments!   


Are you interested in joining the band? Don't be nervous! We have weekly band practices where our experienced band members teach! We have lessons and a variety of resources available for you as well. The majority of our band members have started as novice players and are more than willing to share with you their tips and tricks that they've acquired!


May long weekend 2024, we will have top notch pipe and drum instructors, meals included and free camping available for bands who would like an opportunity to improve their mass band and parade tunes. Contact us for more information.


If you have any questions about the Battle River Pipes and Drums Band, or would like us to play at your event or festival, feel free to contact us:


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