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COVID Greeting from Cabot's Crossing

by Dominic (and Jon, Bryan and Robbie)

Cabot’s Crossing

Well, where to start? As I write this, it has been 120 days since we have played any music at all on stage. To say it’s been a struggle would be a complete understatement. But it could be much worse, and we know that. We play music for the love of it and we hold down jobs on the side, which allows us to pursue our passion.

It hasn’t been easy for some of our friends – those that toil in the craft for their living. When it’s your job and it’s taken away from you, with no sign of it coming back any time soon, and through no fault of your own, it must be a very trying and sometimes scary prospect.

So, for Cabot’s Crossing, we can think back to the times when we were on stage and entertaining large groups of people, who didn’t have to be 6 feet away from each other at all times and weren’t worried about what would happen if they got together with their friends for a night of music, dancing and good times. Those times are behind us, but we stay hopeful that the day will come when we will do it again.

The pandemic came as a double whammy for those who are in the Celtic genre. Our last gig was in High River on March 15th. For those of you who still use the calendar, you’ll know that is just two days before the feast of one St. Patrick…. Also known as St. Patrick’s Day. That was the first time in nine years we weren’t on stage together for the big day. There have been some doozies over that time – we’ll save that for a different blog.

We had – and continue to have – big plans for our 10th year of playing music together as Cabot’s Crossing. We have kicked around the idea of doing another album, having a big anniversary party, hitting our favourite places on the road and introducing all comers to the high energy kitchen party our friends have come to expect and enjoy from us. But for now, editing together videos of us playing in our basements is as good as it gets. I can tell you we are all working on little projects, things to keep us busy. We anticipate a return to the stage in an outdoor setting in August and those details will be available soon.

Until then friends, we know that Albertans have been ahead of the curve (so to speak) when it comes to being diligent about COVID-19 and all the challenges it has thrown our way. We continue to do our part so we can get rid of this thing and get back to tuning guitars, drinking pints and blowing the roof off the Gathering of the Clans in 2021.

I’d like to say thanks to Karli for reaching out to us and asking for some content for the website. I’m open to suggestions as to what to write about next (favourite tunes, how we got together, etc.), so feel free to send along whatever you want to know about to


Dominic (and Jon, Bryan and Robbie)


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